We are an organic marketplace

– Since 1989 –

By purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables from local sources you are helping not only you and your family, but the whole planet!

Sustainable agriculture. Spend your money locally and help local farmers and small business rather than conglomerates that do nothing to help make the world a better place.

Local and organic produce. Reduce carbon by buying local. Organically grown food helps reduce the amount of chemicals in our world. Support small farmers who choose to grow food the way nature intended.

The environmental and health benefits of organic food

Local produce

Keep money flowing in your own community rather than flowing out to shareholders.

No pesticides

Stop poisoning your water, soil and the air you breathe when produce is grown using pesticides.

Respect of nature

When there is balance in nature, everyone benefits. Look t the way things are naturally and you’ll see the difference.

No waste

When small farms produce food they use everything as feed or fertilizers, corporation just dump waste.

“This is a wonderful eco-friendly site that cares about sharing the information big business doesn’t want you to know about.”

The Ecologist Journal

Social farming

Start your own small garden or even a small farming business and contribute to your local community rather than take away from it.