Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Advice for The Public: When and How to Use Masks

Face masks are the most common protective equipment that everyone uses to prevent themselves from obtaining as well as spreading the coronavirus known as COVID-19. The CDC as well as the World Health Organization (WHO) have given preventive measures on how to avoid the spread of the virus and one of these is the use of facial masks.

There are different kinds of face masks that are available in the market today, and although there is a lack of resources amid the pandemic, more and more small and big businesses have been trying to produce medical equipment such as the face mask.

Wearing a face mask is an effective preventive measure to avoid catching or spreading the virus. It is able to effectively shield you from the droplets that may contain the virus when someone sneezes or coughs.

In this article, we will share with you some tips on how to effectively use face masks in the public when go out.

How to Wear a Fabric Mask Safely

What are the Dos?

Make sure that the mask is fitted to your face leaving no gaps to ensure full protection

Make sure that you cover your mouth, nose, and chin

Do not touch the mask with your hands in public

Wash your hands before putting and removing the mask

Store the mask in a clean, plastic, and resealable bag if unused, and when you have a plan on using it the next time

Wash the mask with soap and water (preferably hot) at least once a day or every after use

Clean your hands after removing the mask

Inspect the mask for damage and ruins before using

What are the Don’ts?

Avoid using the masks if it looks damaged

Do not use a loose mask as it does not protect you from the droplets of water when someone sneezes and coughs

Do not share your masks

Do not remove the mask when talking to someone

Do not use the mask twice without cleaning and washing the mask

How to Wear Medical Mask Safely

What are the Dos?

Wash your hands before touching the mask

Inspect the mask for holes and tears

Find the top side where the metal piece is

Ensure that the colored side faces outwards

Cover your mouth, nose, and chin

Ensure there are no gaps on the sides

Do not touch the masks

Discard the mask immediately after first use

Wash your hands after removing the mask

What are the Don’ts?

Do not use a damaged mask

Do not wear a mask covering your mouth and chin

Do not play with the mask

Do not use the same mask twice

Do not remove the mask when talking with someone

What was mentioned above are the things that need to be properly done and followed to ensure the full effectivity of the facial mask that you are using? Masks that are made of cloth and surgical masks are two different materials that need different ways of disposal. A lot of people do not know the basics of how to properly use a mask, leading to the inefficacy of the face masks they use or the inconvenience of using it. This is what the article tries to address.